Foam testing service

Foam Testing

Oil Technics Ltd offer both a worldwide Foam Testing service from our purpose built laboratory and supply Foam Testing Kits and equipment to enable you to carry out your own testing as part of your fire fighting foam maintenance programme.


Modern, high quality foam concentrates are very stable and are excellent candidates for long term storage, with minimal or no effects on performance.

Most reputable foam concentrate manufacturers offer at least a 10 year life for products correctly stored and in original containers with the manufacturer’s seal still intact (unopened).

However, the performance of a Foam Concentrate can be compromised by the following factors:

  • Dilution
  • Contamination
  • Extremes of Temperature

For these reasons International Standards:

  • NFPA 11
  • BS 5306

make the following recommendation:

“At least annually, an inspection shall be made of foam concentrates... for evidence of excessive sludging or deterioration.

Samples of concentrates shall be sent to the manufacturer or qualified laboratory for quality condition testing.”

NFPA 11, 2010 Edition, 12.6.1 and 12.6.2.

As recommended by NFPA11, BS.EN 13565-2:2009 and BS 5306, Foam Concentrates and Produced Foams should be inspected and tested at least annually as part of your fire fighting foam maintenance programme.
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This testing should be carried out under laboratory conditions to ensure accurate and consistent results.
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